Facts on Alternatives

Benefits of Renewables versus Nuclear

In last years' public participation procedures for nuclear power plants in Central or Eastern Europe, more and more arguments concerning the energy production were used by the operators and authorities which need to be verified: It is claimed that - in comparison to renewable energies - nuclear power plants create more jobs, that nuclear energy is essential for supply security, that it has lower fatality risk and that it reduces dependence on raw materials and has neglectable emissions.
Therefore, the Vienna Ombuds Office for Environmental Protection (Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft) has supported the development of this Argumentarium with the aim to collect helpful arguments focusing on renewable energies and their positive effects compared to nuclear energy.
This Argumentarium processes new scientific work and policy papers to inform about facts and figures that clarify open questions in the debate of renewables versus nuclear. Each chapter starts with a few typical arguments from actual debates in public hearings. After presenting some facts and most current data, a conclusion is drawn on these arguments.

Laufzeit: 2018 bis 2019.


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