Partnership and Participation for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The Comenius network "Partnership and Participation for a Sustainable Tomorrow", SUPPORT, has been established in order to address the need to enhance the quality of educational practices and material in line with the challenges of sustainab­le development (SD). The overall objective is to promote education for sustainable development (ESD) in European schools.

The SUPPORT network consists of 31 partner institutions in 14 European Union and EFTA countries, plus 9 other participants from 7 countries.

The project will bring concepts and issues of SD into the education system by linking schools, research institutions and communities in a web-based network. Learning opportunities will be provided that stimulate and empower individuals to acquire relevant experiences, knowledge, skills, values and understanding and to reflect critically on their role in creating a sustainable tomorrow.

Laufzeit: 2007 bis 2010.


Tel: +43/6991/523 61 00

Gefördert von

  • Lifelong lerning programme 2007-2013, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, BOUR 02/30A Unit P1, Avenue du Bourget 1 - 1140 Brussels - Belgium


  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences (coordinator) Österreichisches Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur FORUM Umweltbildung Und 36 weitere (siehe )

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