Nuclear Risk and Public Control

The Joint Project 2020

In the Joint Project, European NGOs and research institutions cooperate since 2003 on safe and sustainable energy issues with a focus on antinuclear activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

The long-term goals of the Joint Project are a nuclear phase-out in Europe (especially of old reactors), no new-build nuclear power plants, no renaissance of nuclear energy, and no lifetime extension of old reactors without adequate public participation.

In 2020/2021, the Joint Project focusses on:

  1. Making the anti-nuclear movement more visible
  2. Organize Webinars on current topics
  3. The impacts of climate change on nuclear risk
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment procedures and Plant Lifetime Extension Procedures
  5. State Aid and other problematic forms of financing new build
  6. Follow up on management of nuclear waste in the EU
  7. Networking and information exchange

More information can be found on our website.

Laufzeit: 2020 bis 2021.


Tel: +43/6991/523 61 31


  • BMK Abt. VI/9 Allgemeine Koordination von Nuklearangelegenheiten
  • Patricia Lorenz; FoE Friends of the Earth Europe

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