Nuclear Risk & Public Control

The Joint Project 2014

In the Joint Project, European NGOs and research institutions cooperate since 2003 on safe and sustainable energy issues with a focus on antinuclear activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

The long-term goals of the Joint Project are a nuclear phase-out in Europe (especially of old reactors), no new-build nuclear power plants, no renaissance of nuclear energy, and no lifetime extension of old reactors without adequate public participation. By producing materials like brochures, websites etc. for anti-nuclear NGOs, the Joint Project contributes to their political work.

In 2014, the Joint Project will focus on:

  • plant lifetime extension (PLEX) of nuclear power plants
  • the EIA process of the planned NPP in Paks/Hungary
  • European radioactive waste policy
  • stress tests for nuclear power plants
  • costs of nuclear power

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Laufzeit: 2014 bis 2015.


Tel: +43/6991/523 61 31

Gefördert von

  • Bundesministerium für Nachhaltigkeit und Tourismus; BMNT; Abteilung I/6 Nuklearkoordination


  • Patricia Lorenz; FoE Friends of the Earth Europe

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