Maria Kalleitner-Huber

Working on "Resource Management" in Wien.

Maria Huber has a degree in Environmental Consulting and graduated at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. She also studied at the University of Technology and at the University of Economics in Vienna and specialized in Waste Management and Disposal Engineering. From 2004 - 2010 she was working in the field of sustainable product development/ECODESIGN at the University of Technology in Vienna.

The focus of her work lies in the conceptual and content development of projects in the field of sustainable products and services, waste and resource management and corporate social responsibility. Since January 2011 she is member of the scientific team of the Austrian Institute of Ecology in Vienna.



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Pohl M., Weißenböck E., Kalleitner-Huber M., Mraz G., Bernhofer G. (2017): Designing Cooling Stations for Food Sharing in Public Spaces, wurde eingereicht bei der Konferenz SustainIT 2017 (Funchal, Portugal, 6.-7. Dezember 2017)

Celades I. et al (2017): Circular Economy in higher education and in the furniture and construction sectors: perspective from the main stakeholders, eingereicht bei Journal for Cleaner Production, Special Volume based on ERSCP 2017 (December 2017)

Kalleitner-Huber, Maria et al.: The challenge of shifting a whole assortment of a technical retailer towards sustainability - The Haberkorn case, ERSCP - EMSU Istanbul, 2013

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Kalleitner-Huber, Maria et al.: How to Shift 100.000 Products towards Sustainability - the Haberkorn Ulmer Case, 2nd international conference on Sustainable consumption and production: how to make it possible, 29-30 September, 2011, KTU leidykla Technologija, Kaunas, Lithuania.e-ISBN978-609-02-0172-5, 2011

Maria Kalleitner-Huber

waste management, ressource management


mobile: +43/6991/523 61 15