We are a team of experienced ecologists and interdisciplinary workers with complementary expertise that can provide complete sustainable and ecological solutions for your project. Staff by name.

Business Management

Lechner, Robert construction and habitation, climate protection, process design
Office Wien
mobile: +43/6991/523 61 03

Communication, Information and Participation (KIP)

Prauhart, Nadia sustainable education, gender and diversity mainstreaming
Office Wien
mobile: +43/6991/523 61 18

Society, Science and Technology (GEWITEC)

Mraz, Gabriele radiation effects and nuclear policy, gender and diversity research, nutrition
Office Wien
mobile: +43/6991/523 61 31

Resource Management (REM)

Pladerer, Christian waste management, ressource management
Office Wien
mobile: +43/6991/523 61 01
Hietler, Philipp Office Wien
mobile: +43/6991/523 61 02
Hofbauer, Hannah Elisabeth Office Wien
Kalleitner-Huber, Maria waste management, ressource management
Office Wien
mobile: +43/6991/523 61 15
Meissner, Markus waste management
Office Wien
mobile: +43/6991/523 61 00

Construction, Urban and Regional Development (SBR)

Lindenthal, Julia sustainable construction, integrated building assessment
Office Wien
mobile: +43/6991/523 61 11
Löning, Katrin Biodiversity & Region, Nature & Education
Office Bregenz
phone: +43/5574/520 85-15


Lipp, Cecilia controlling
Office Wien
mobile: +43/6991/523 61 26
Öz, Aynur Office Wien
Serce, Zehra Office Bregenz